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Consulting & Advisory

In addition to standard transaction-based assignments, our consulting service business focuses on helping companies make better decisions in these areas:


  • Portfolio assessments
  • Property due diligence
  • Market assessment and reports
  • Development feasibility
  • Partnership structures

Economic Incentives

We assist our clients in identifying, negotiating and securing all available city, county, state and federal incentives. We work through these processes by exploring each and every alternative to generate the greatest occupancy cost savings available.


  • Site selection & incentive negotiations
  • Highest and best use studies
  • Valuation

Site Selection

Our team understands the complexity of site selection. We will lead you through each step of our proven process which provides a solid framework to execute on the best location decision. 

Whether seeking new locations, relocating existing operations or identifying selective consolidations, our site selection process is customized to your specific requirements

Project & Development Services

Lion’s Gate Medical’s project and development services team provides our clients turn-key solutions to ensure that their real estate projects are a success. We cover a broad range of project types including office, industrial, retail, mission-critical and institutional work. This expertise allows our clients to focus on their core business with assurance that their project will be well organized, on time and on budget. Project cost control and strategic solutions provide a return on investment for this service

Financial Analysis

Good real estate decisions are based on good information. We provide detailed analysis throughout the real estate transaction and decision-making processes. Understanding all the financial options and their impacts is essential to making good decisions for your business. 

Architectural Services

Whether you want to build from new, refit or completely refurbish, our architectural services team will provide a creative solution designed to maintain the long-term market value of your space. Our architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction contract administration. We will work with you to refine and develop the initial concept from start to completion. We also specialize in developing the most effiecient plan by reducing total square footage, maximizing savings. 

Legal Services

At Lion’s Gate Medical, we provide in-house legal services as well as funding for outside legal services as part of our brokerage fee. Our goal is to reduce the non-billable hours and keep you focused on your primary business—making a positive impact on your bottom line.


*Client waives any conflicts  

*Available for brokerage fees exceeding $25,000

Energy Audits

At Lion’s Gate Medical we work to enhance the value of your real estate by reducing your ongoing energy costs. Our energy audit services include: 


  • Portfolio energy and sustainability management
  • Energy assessments and commodity procurement
  • Existing building commissioning 
  • Integrated energy retrofits
  • Energy Star and solar power solutions

Operating Expense
& CAM Audits

Our team will help you reduce occupancy costs as well as uncover all direct and indirect costs associated with your real estate operations through our annual CAM audits. The best part is, you won’t need to budget for these services because we share in the benefit we achieve for you. 

Acquisition & Disposition

Lion’s Gate Medical defines a clear competitive advantage to maximize profitability. We advise on both strategy and execution throughout the acquisition and disposition process.


  • Property assessment
  • Property recommendations
  • In-house marketing
  • Targeted marketing campaign

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio software is designed to help you make smart, data-driven portfolio decisions quickly and easily.  Database capabilities include:


  • Lease administration and project management modules
  • Advanced financial management
  • Critical date management
  • Facilities management
  • Development for new FASB/IASB standards
  • Document management
  • Standard and advanced report features

Network Distribution Audit

At Lion’s Gate Medical we will help your team configure the most efficient supply-chain to achieve the highest savings on both real estate and transportation costs; therefore, making a positive impact on your bottom line.

Material Handling / Space Efficiency Audit

Lion’s Gate Medical will help you gain efficiency in the total square footage of your office or industrial space.